About Us

The South Florida Baptist Association is an association of Southern Baptist Church in Western Polk County, Florida.

Our Story

The South Florida Baptist Association began in 1867. Originally, we stretched from Tampa to Daytona and down to the Florida Keys and were the southernmost association in Florida. Over the years, the population of South Florida grew and other associations broke away. Now the South Florida Baptist Association Covers the Western half of Polk County. Polk County is located between Tampa and Orlando. We are almost 80 churches that partner together to reach the western half of Polk county. The cities we serve include Polk City, Kathleen, Lakeland, Bartow, Mulberry, Homeland, Ft. Meade and Bradley Junction.


Our mission is to serve the churches of the South Florida Baptist Association. We work together to see the lost in Polk County come to know Christ. We provide the churches with leader training, ministry support, mission opportunities, and support for new works.


Our team is ready to serve you.



Disaster Relief Training

April 21, 2018 at to

South Florida Baptist Association

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